Patient Reviews

Your smile is the greatest reward we can receive. We love the many wonderful things our satisfied patients say about their experience at our practice. See thousands of satisfied reviews from patients below.

image1“I’ve always had an obsession with teeth… They are the first thing I always noticed when I would look at someone or even when I would look at myself in the mirror. Although, I was told I was crazy numerous times , I was never happy with the way my teeth looked. And It was on my mind more so when I began planning my wedding and thinking about how I wanted my smile to look on my wedding day and thereafter. I had a lot of crowding on the bottom and everything began to shift when I developed TMJ (TJD). So once I did my research , saved up enough money and got good dental insurance I began my Invisalign journey with Levy Dental of New Haven. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Aside from the fact Invisalign is easy, quick, removable and virtually Invisible, Dr. You and the Staff of Levy Dental were always so knowledgeable, accommodating, caring and wonderful. They made the process fast and easy and always made me feel comfortable. I actually really began to miss everyone when I stopped having to go every couple of weeks… I didn’t even know what to do with myself ! I finally am SO happy with my teeth and the way my smile looks now and even though I don’t know if Invisalign is Indicated to do so, Because of my treatment, my TMJ is completely gone! I HIGHLY recommend Invisalign and Levy Dental if you are looking to improve your smile and overall health of your teeth.

— Brittany Crocco