Covid-19 Closure

Congratulations to our Doctors that were named CT Top Dentist 2019

We are honored to have a few of our dentists named CT Top Dentists 2019! Congrats to Dr. Jennifer You, Dr. Michael Wiener, Dr. Rachel Jensen, and Dr. Christine Lee.

Levy Dental is a proud Earthly Sponsor of Solar Jam 2018

We are proud to support and become Earthly Sponsors for Solar Youth’s annual Solar Jam Event. Solar Jam is scheduled on May 10th and includes an auction for your very own Casius Cheese truck for a party! Come support a great cause, while enjoying great food and company. We hope to see you there!

Office Closed Jan. 4th Due to Inclement Weather

Levy Dental Group will be closed Thursday January 4th due to winter storm conditions. Members of our staff will be contacting those of you affected by closing to reschedule your appointments. We apologize for any inconvenience. Levy Dental Group

Wisdom Teeth: What You Need To Know

GETTING YOUR WISDOM TEETH REMOVED is such a common procedure these days that it’s almost a rite of passage among teenagers. But why do some of us have to get them out anyway, and why do we even have them in the first place? In today’s blog post we’re going to answer these and a few […]

Oral Health & Weight Loss Go Hand In Hand

A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE is the best prevention for illness and chronic disease. It can also be just as effective as any medicine a doctor could prescribe. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or simply live more healthily, the good choices you’re making not only do wonders for your body and overall health, but they also have […]

Tips To Soothe Your Teething Child

TEETHING CAN BE an uncomfortable process for both your little one and those who care for them. We know our patients want to help soothe their babies as best they can through this time, so today we’re going to share our thoughts on teething and how you can help them through this process. Each Child’s Teething […]

What To Expect At Your Next Dental Checkup

VISITING YOUR DENTIST every six months is an important part of maintaining your oral health. Not only does it keep your smile clean, but it can help you keep an eye on your overall health too! For some, it may have been a while since your last visit or you or a loved one may be […]

See What Invisalign Can Do For Your Smile

IF YOU WANTED TO STRAIGHTEN your teeth back in the day, you really only had one option–traditional metal braces. Nowadays, our patients have a variety of different options when it comes to how they would like to have their teeth straightened and what is most convenient for them. At our office, we offer Invisalign®!  Invisalign Treatment Provides Many […]

Are Your Teeth Sensitive? Here’s Why

DO YOU EVER cringe when you watch someone bite into ice cream? Are you sometimes fearful of that first sip of hot soup or drink of tea? You’re not alone. Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common complaints we hear about! Teeth Feel Sensitive When Nerves Are Exposed  On the outside of each tooth […]