We are offering In-House Dental Savings Plan for our patients that do not have dental insurance. This unique and exclusive savings plan can save you over $315 annually with your cleaning appointments alone!

Benefits of our In-House Dental Savings Plan:

Periodic Exam (2/year)100%
Limited oral exam for an emergency (1/year)100%
All necessary radiographs100%
Dental Cleaning (2/year)100%
Fluoride treatment (2/year)100%

All other dental treatment performed in the office will be offered at a discounted rate of 15% off our regular fee schedule (with the exception of cosmetic treatment, such as whitening and Invisalign).

Annual Fees for enrollment:

For new patients to the office, the initial enrollment fee is $495 for the year. After the first year, the fee is $395 annually.

Single Adult: $395 (savings valued over $315 per year of enrollment)

Second Adult Member: $350 (All members must live in the same household)

Each Additional Child Member: $250 (All members must live in the same household)

Additional Periodontal Program (per family member): additional $300.
Includes four (4) periodontal maintenance visits per year. If you have been previously diagnosed with periodontal disease, you must enroll in the Periodontal Program.

 Terms and Limitations:

  • This is a dental discount plan and is NOT dental insurance.  It cannot be combined with any other dental insurance.
  • Your effective date is the day you sign up and your renewal date is the same date every year following.
  • The plan is non-transferable; family members cannot be substituted in for another family member.
  • Cleanings/periodontal maintenance appointments must be performed before the end coverage date.
  • To receive a 15% discount on other dental treatment, payment is due at time of service.
  • Care credit or other 3rd-party financing cannot be utilized to pay for treatment.
  • Rates are subject to change annually.
  • Membership dues are not refundable.
  • Children must be under the age of 26 and a full-time student.
  • Membership is good only at Levy Dental Group and therefore if you are referred to a specialist, discounts offered to members will not apply.